Educational Journey:

April Fowlow is an interdisciplinary artist originally from Port Anson, Newfoundland, Canada. She is currently studying her master’s in Sculptural Conceptions and Ceramics at the Kunstuniversität (The University of Art and Design) in Linz, Austria, where she has spent time abroad in Venice and Carrara, Italy learning glass and marble sculpting. In 2017 she received a BFA in Visual Arts at Grenfell Campus, Memorial University, in Corner Brook, Canada, including two semesters abroad in Harlow, England, and Hobart, Australia.

My Statement:

My ongoing interest in the environment sparked while growing up in Canada’s breathtaking scenery. For many years I have been researching, travelling and scuba diving to understand nature’s beauty and fragility. Through my art, I attempt to replicate beautiful organic forms and find empathy for them.

I gain an appreciation for nature’s development and growth through the creation process of my sculptures and installations, with pieces like Endangered Patterns and Seascape, by contributing lengthy amounts of physical labour. I choose to use materials such as ceramic and metal to ensure the preservation of their delicate structures.

Performance is another way I physically attempt to understand the feeling of being stuck and vulnerable in an unforgiving environment. In my documented performance Nowhere To Go, created in Canada next to the cold Atlantic Ocean, I stood in a handmade sculpture base replicating coral for as long as I could, wearing only a small dress. Just after 23 minutes, I had to stop, as the conditions were unbearable.

I use photography to try to imitate imbalances caused by climate change with species like jellyfish and phytoplankton, and drawing as a playful way to document the small curiosities around me. My goal while preserving patterns and forms, is to bring awareness to the beautiful details that are being lost or altered in today’s world.